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In response to COVID-19 and the related economic upheaval, GPHMA is providing direct material support to neighbors in need and working to strengthen relationships between community members and institutions.



The Grocery Program

Since April, we've been helping neighbors 

acquire food and other basic household items on a regular basis.In 

the process we've been building enduring relationships between

volunteer shoppers and grocery recipients.


Community Fridge

In conjunction with OurFood NYC and Friends and Lovers, GPHMA members helped set up and now run the Classon Community Fridge, one of many public fridges in NYC help food insecurity and food waste.

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Community Calls

Throughout a year of upheaval, we've been hosting community calls for neighbors to engage in meaningful discussion on issues such as police violence, housing justice and mental health. 

Mutual Solidarity

We have been funneling volunteers

towards a number of critical initiatives (from food distribution to voter registration to supplies drives) led by groups outside GPHMA.